Pool Repair Guide

Best  Pool Repairs and Maintenance Tips for 2017


It is important for pool repairs and maintenance to have the right and working equipment in handling all pool problems. A clear and clean pool is crucial in ensuring the safety and health of your family or your customers. A pool that is clear and clean is a reflection of your social status and good reputation of your business. So let's talk about common pool problems and several tips for pool repairs and maintenance.


Several pool pump and filter problems include leaking pool pump, sudden decrease in the rate of water flow, running swimming pool pump but does not pump water, and noisy pool pump. Whether your pool filter is cartridge, diatomaceous earth or sand, your pool filter needs periodic cleaning to keep the water clear and clean. The frequency of pool filter cleaning ranges from a once a month up to three or four times a year.


Make sure you have a vacuum gauge on your pool's suction manifold, if you have a new pool, and a pressure gauge after the filter tank which are all color coded. It is important to fix any erosion feeder which is not secured to the floor, through using a drill about two or three holes in the floor, and then utilize a drop in anchor from a trusted hardware aisle. As needed, you can replace all stock extra and split baskets at the pool as well as all skimmer parts such as throttle, lids, weirs and baskets. They may get lost or break in-season, so keep few extra at the pool so you can replace them the same day. There are experts from http://palmbeachpooldoctorinc.com/ who you can hire.


You need to immediately fix an air bleeder that isn't working properly because it poses hazard to safety. Large volume of pumped air is compressed into the filter tank leading to surge in pressure that can be explosive especially on a dirty tank. This can also lead to leaks which need some sort of repair. It is best to require a Shepard's crooks to be connected to a solid pole, which is also connected with bolts and not with plastic spring clips. If you want to repair a ladder pad, a handrail pad, a guard chair or a small concrete, you need to know how the anchors will be bonded. If you notice any leak or extra valve on the backwash originating form a multi-port valve, there is a reason for it. Replacement of the entire multi-port is highly advised. Until you are fully operational, you may not notice any leaks, so repairs should be planned in the middle of summer starting with the leaks.


If you don't have the time and energy to do pool repairs and maintenance, we can definitely help you remove your work load and do the work for you. Contact us for a Pool Repair Estimate now.